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MNCT Advanced Engineering Cource

Industrial technology has been progressing at an extremely rapid pace. New and more complex approaches to problems are emerging in every field. This has blurred the traditional boundaries between fields of technology. Today, we need engineers who are capable of conceiving original approaches to technological problems and of spanning these traditional boundaries. Our advanced engineering course intends to meet these requirements. We aim to produce practical engineers who have both a profound grasp of their own specialty and the grasp of the relations between fields to compete in the international and computerization arena of technology.

Advanced Cource of Production System Engineering

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and materials science engineering have played a central and basic role in the productive field of technology. But in order to save energy and to promote the development of technology at the same time, we need to create new materials and innovative methods. This course is intended for graduates of colleges of technology who majored at least in one of the three central branches of engineering: mechanical, electrical, or materials. Our goal is to help students acquire technical knowledge that is both humanistic and environmentally conscious. We aim to produce imaginative and practical engineers who are able to plan and develop new, highly efficient machinery and who are able to build environment-friendly systems.

Advanced Course of Architecture, Design and Computer Applications

Architecture is devoted to creating living space. Design and Computer Applications is a field devoted to the development of a number of products, of audiovisual information systems.

This course is primarily for graduates of colleges of technology with majors in architecture or in design and computer applications. We intend to help students acquire advanced technological knowledge and skills. Our goal is to produce graduates who think creatively and can plan and design new forms of living space that harmonize human amenities with nature, history, and culture.

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