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MNCT Educational Goals of Regular Course

  1. To equip students with the fundamental attainments of science and engineering.
  2. To provide students with rich education and ripe judgment.
  3. To enhance students' capability to organise and express their own concept.
  4. To respect students' inspiration and develop their creativity.
  5. To develop students' ability to think and act independently.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

To bring up those engineers who have basic knowledge and creativity on the wide fields of technology, and who can respond promptly, examine originally and act positively to the new sorts of problems of the new products and technologies.

Department of Electrical Engineering

To guide the students onto the stage where they can discover, develop and express themselves through the scientific and exhaustive researches of their own on natural and social phenomena including electrical ones.

Department of Architecture

To raise those students who have basic faculty and technique on architecture through combining the various school sessions systematically, and to bring up those architects who can contribute to the development of human environment.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

To raise those engineers who have basic comprehension on materials and those who can design, develop, apply, preserve and produce the highly value-added materials.

Department of Design and Computer Applications

To raise those engineers who have the wide range of knowledge and ability on information and design area, and those who produce such 'objects' and 'systems' as our society demands that are friendly to human beings and nature.

Liberal Arts

To let the students broaden their horizons and enrich their education required both for a human-being and for an adult, to let them acquire the basis to build their character, and to let them grasp the basic faculty of science and mathematics necessary to major in engineering science.

Top page > MNCT College Guidance > MNCT Educational Goals > MNCT Regular Course