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Message from Dr. UCHIDA Tatsuo, President

To be an Engineer with Creative Mind.

We human beings are now standing at the very beginning of the new century, and are required to create a new way of life, building up such a society as can last with stability. I invite you to participate in the establishment of the coming technological world that is "full of humanity." Engineering is expected to meet the fundamental need that "it should work for the welfare of human beings." Now that we are in the 21st century when our existence itself could be at the risk, you the young people are supposed to cope with the status quo using the unique technology of your own as the weapon of thought and action to create new culture and civilization. Furthermore, this will certainly bring a significant reason for life to those who have took part in the activity.

Sendai National College of Technology (SNCT) has set up regular five-year course of higher education, and also two-year one of the Advanced Course over it. You will be awarded the degree of bachelor (engineering) if you pass the screening of the National Institution for Academic Degrees after graduation. The course has been accredited by Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).

Our society is now reaching a momentous turning point, and that is why those engineers are needed who can develop their own ways and play significant roles internationally, coping with the rapid technological evolution. SNCT aims to activate its education and research, and attempts to develop itself as the higher educational institution that comes from the area, promoting the cooperation between industry and academia.

We are living in the stormy age, which gives the young people plenty of opportunities to try. Why don't you try to experience the "impressive" college life independently and aggressively here in Sendai National College of Technology?

Top page > SNCT College Guidance > Message from Dr. UCHIDA Tatsuo, President